Daily Self-Care Reminders

Daily affirmations help rewire our brains, build self esteem and change negative thought patterns. Empower yourself by verbally affirming your dreams and ambitions. Choose from many daily intentions and set reminders to be delivered throughout the day.

What people are saying about this app

"This app is truly remarkable for your mind. I start thinking about something and a message pops up to remind me what I feel as I feel it. I don’t know who is the master mind behind this but I just want to tell YOU that YOU have a remarkable app."


"This app is just awesome! It’ll make you feel confident and impact not only how you think about and love yourself but how you can do that for other people. It just feels great to see a statement like “I am worthy” during the day as a gentle or harsh reminder that in this moment you have a purpose and you deserve just as much as you are willing to allow for yourself."


"I love this app so much. One of my favorite features is being able to schedule notifications. They always pop up at just the right time with a message I needed to see at that moment."

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